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Introducing young minds to the fun and excitement of science and technology while building self confidence, knowledge, and life skills. Read More..

Sunday Hobby Class,
SUMMER CAMP: V- XI, Students
Call : 8812919707/ 9854043908

Basic Aero Modeling Certificate Program for Schools: (AMA Approved).

Aero Modeling: An engineering practice which allows students to design, develop, fabricate and fly their own model aircraft. It is both a hobby and international sports.These activities are wide spread in worldwide and known as AERO SPORTS. Aero Modeling also has world class competitions and prizes just like gold, silver and bronze medals for events in Olympic.

This an inspiring and creative learning solution for school students to ignite them experience hands-on learning process. This is the only program approved by AMA as Model Aviation Education for VI to X class students. This program is not only to popularize the exciting hobby and sports to our youths but also to inspire and guide them to a career in Aviation, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.

It is the latest field that covers all the brunches of engineering practice and includes the control and automation, flying and assembly of aero models such as gliders, air crafts, helicopters, multi-rotor rotor planes and R/C Helicopters, where student gets the following opportunities:

  • Design and fly their own flight.
  • Apply the basics of science and Math (Topics already covered in their schools syllabus.)
  • Participate in R/C flying as a hobby or sports.
  • Take a career in Aviation.

This is a long term and exciting program which satisfies CBSE requirements for providing Co Curricular Activities as part of the school program. It comprises of an excellent introduction to Aeromodelling, Aviation and Model Rocketry and also keeps the students happy, excited, informed and constructive.

Interested school may contact our founder and director Mr. M. F Haque to experience a DEMO absolutely Free!!!!

Please Dial. +91 9854043908 or write to E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .