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Introducing young minds to the fun and excitement of science and technology while building self confidence, knowledge, and life skills. Read More..

Sunday Hobby Class,
SUMMER CAMP: V- XI, Students
Call : 8812919707/ 9854043908

Buy Models

It has been said that children are born scientists. This is best illustrated by the questions they constantly ask. Most of the time we the parents, do not consider the actual requirement of mental growth of our child while celebrating an event, may be personal or family program as per their age. We offer less productive gifts to the children on their birth day parties like cloths, toys etc. But i would be more happy sharing my opinion in selecting gift items for children as there are lot of challenging items available which can help a children develop a driving force to solve a real life scientific problem.

For example, if I offer a RTFM (Ready to fly model)  aero-modeling kit to my son in his birth day, he can quickly assemble it and enjoy the taste of flying an airplane, which may help him dream about becoming a pilot. It has been experienced that a child can easily develop a driving force to fulfill his or her dream.