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Introducing young minds to the fun and excitement of science and technology while building self confidence, knowledge, and life skills. Read More..

Sunday Hobby Class,
SUMMER CAMP: V- XI, Students
Call : 8812919707/ 9854043908

Product & Services

We are providing fantastic programs for young minds to make them understand the potentiality lying in them in the truest sense. We offer hands to fulfill  childhood dreams, and an opportunity to apply science and technology related knowledge of school students at least in teenage to choose a wonderful career path from the list of 21st century career lines.


Basic Aero Modeling Certificate Program

AMA Recognize Model Aviation Education Program for school students with 80% practical based modules, which satisfies the CBSE / ICSE / STATE Boards requirements for providing Extra- Curricular activities as part of the school program. It includes modules on:

Aero Modeling.
Model Rocketry.
R/C Technology.
Personality Developments.
Soft Skills.
Career Guidance in aviation industry.
Team work.
Project etc.
Eligibility: Students from Class VI to XII can Join.

Beginner's Level Robotics Program for Schools Students: 

An Excellent multi-disciplinary , activity based, hands-on learning program for each students to develop 21st century knowledge & skills with 80% practical based modules which satisfies the CBSE / ICSE / State Board's requirements for providing Extra-Curricular activities as part of the school programs. It includes modules on:

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) concepts.
Robotics (Design, Development, Programming autonomous Robots)
Personality Developments.
Soft Skills.
Career Guidance in STEM fields.
Time Management.
Teamwork and Projects.

Membership Program for Schools
School / College can join as institutional member for our integrated program in Aero modeling, Model Rocketry, Robotics and Career Guidance program. Where each member institute shall be provided 4 workshops in a year at the school premises.
Summer Camps
Its wonderful program for summer holidays anybody from science whizzes to creative artist can enjoy. There will be modules on Aero Modeling, Robotics, Basic Electronics and Model Rocketry as per taste and talent.
Its a customized program on Aero Modeling and Robotics for school / college Students.
Sunday & Evening Classes
A first of its kind step for students interested in Science, Technology or Engineering Career. Where they learn to apply basics of science and math, design and fly dynamic air crafts, build and program autonomous robots and get to know how to become scientists , Engineer and pilot.
Workshops for Engineering Students
Special program for Engineering students on Aero Modeling, Model Rocketry and Robotics.
Club Facility
Club facility for School / College / NGOs.
A complete package for science fare and exhibition for institutions and NGOs
Complete solution for course work and school projects for students of class VI to XII

Programs on:

1. Aero Modelling ( Schools and College level Programs)

2. Aero Modelling ( As a Hobby Classes)

3. Model Rocketry ( Schools and College)

4. Model Rocketry (As a Hobby Classes)

5. Demonstration programs in Schools and Colleges.

6. Demonstration programs in Science Fare / Book Fare / Edu fare.

7. Workshops on Aero-modelling, Model Rocketry, Robotics.

8. Carer Guidance Programs.

9. Placement Assistance.

10. Basic Electronics and R/C Flight.

11. Robotics Classes for Schools and Colleges

Materials we provide:

1. Balsa Wood ( Imported )

2. Complete set of materials for designing model flights, R/C Flights, Model Rockets and Robotics.

3. F16.

4. Chuck Glider. (Junior / Senior)

5. Rubber powered Model ( Junior / Senior)

6. Model Rockets (Single Stage)

7. Gift Pack for Child Birth Day

For more details please call us at +91 9854043908