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Introducing young minds to the fun and excitement of science and technology while building self confidence, knowledge, and life skills. Read More..

Sunday Hobby Class,
SUMMER CAMP: V- XI, Students
Call : 8812919707/ 9854043908

IST Foundation

IST Foundation, Guwahati.

Innovation, Science & Technology Foundation is a first of its kind organization in North East India popularizing STEM education among school children to inspiring them for true research and innovation. It is a non-profit organization registered under Society Registration Act XII of 1860 with many innovative objectives.

In the first phase, ISTF is dedicated to prepare school students, to learn to create and innovate. If they leave school without knowing how to continuously create and innovate, they will be underprepared for challenges of the society and the workforce. It organise workshops and seminars in different institutions inspiring students to focus on creativity and innovation. ISTF is working to establish ‘center of excellence’ in every school, to extend an opportunity to the creative children and engage them in true research.

Innovation, Science & Technology Foundation is committed to develop a skilled workforce, and encourage them to contribute for our Motherland.