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Introducing young minds to the fun and excitement of science and technology while building self confidence, knowledge, and life skills. Read More..

Sunday Hobby Class,
SUMMER CAMP: V- XI, Students
Call : 8812919707/ 9854043908

About AAMR

The Academy of Aero modeling & Robotics is one of its kinds innovative organization in the north east region started from January 2013, with the motto of “Making kids think like scientists & Engineers” run by “IST Foundation”, "Innovation, Science & Technology Foundation", a Guwahati based NGO.
The institute was established to promote Basic & Advanced Aero modeling, Model Rocketry & Robotics among school students. It has conducted training programs, workshops, Tech-festivals and many more in different schools and colleges, and around 50,000 students have got some idea about Aeromodeling, Model Rocketry and Robotics, and how to get a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

We are pioneer in the field of aero modeling and robotics education. We promote short term and long term aero modeling and robotics workshops in schools and colleges. We offer sun day, weekdays evening classes and summer workshops in different forms of aero modeling, model rocketry and robotics to educate and entertain children in grades 6-12. The centre is run by experienced teachers and engineers with a flair for teaching, training, and inspiring young minds.

It is our goal now to provide the students an opportunity to learn the know-how in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in teenage and be able to decide their careers accordingly.

We have conducted our various Aero Modeling workshops and programs in more than 100 schools and colleges across India. We are recognized by both Aero-Club of India and Aero-Modelers Association located in New Delhi. Now we plan to introduce this wonderful program to our passionate kids of North East Region Specially in Assam for the first time.

We have successfully added Robotics Education into our club where students are building and programing working robots.